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Becoming a Retailer

Limitless Supplements goal is to be everywhere and anywhere, whether you're a gym owner, personal trainer, distributor, importer, or supermarket manager, we have tailored wholesale price lists just for you to help your business grow. 


The advantages to becoming a Limitless Supplements wholesale client really are Limitless; our personal trainer customers say that selling our unique brands allow their business' to grow alternative revenue streams via virtually passive income, whilst offering an additional service to their customers. Limitless Supplements support allows companies, big or small, the ability to diversify their offering with a 100% New Zealand owned brand, whilst retaining very tidy, honest margins.


Our goal is to simply be the easiest company to work with in the supplement industry. From the minute you make first contact, right through to receiving your first wholesale shipment, we can guarantee it'll be a stress free, honest and enjoyable experience. 


So if you're wanting to make extra money, diversify your current supplement offering, or simply take the plunge into new business opportunities, then get in contact with our sales department via or call on +971569237171





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